Monday, December 28, 2009

2010: New Challenges

I don't normally make new years resolutions. If at all ever attempted, it has usually resulted in instant failure. I would beat myself up for a bit for being incompetent with the change and would then go back to doing whatever it was I dubbed to be resolved.

Although I didn't make any official resolutions for 2009, I found I had accomplished a lot. I stopped biting my nails after 25 yrs; I lost 21 lbs of additional weight I had been lugging around; I changed my eating habits and made more home cooked meals and I got married to the love of my life. 2009 was an amazing year.

I figured since I had accomplished so much this year that I could challenge myself more in 2010. My husband, Robert and I plan to cut out all take out and restaurants (except our anniversary) and make all our meals at home with fresh local produce and organic meats only. We'll drastically reduce the amount of processed foods that enter the household.

Our plan is to be more involved with our hobbies. Many projects remain dormant throughout the apartment with layers of 2009 dust. My sewing machine has been calling my name as have my knitting needles. These past couple of weeks I've been lining up some projects to keep me busy like finish a scarf I've been working on for TWO YEARS. Scarves used to take me a week.

One of the knitting projects I'm planning is the Puff Daddy. This delightful little puffy chair/foot stool looks like a fairly simple challenge but it's one that will keep my busy for months. Not sure what colour I want to do, but I'm thinking maybe a charcoal (shows less cat hair).

I love photography, so I decided I'll also be participating in Project 365. Taking one photo everyday for a year will prove to be challenging, but my hope is to keep myself as busy as possible and to spend as little money and save, save, save! Taking photos everyday will also help to perfect my craft and thanks to my brother's awesome Christmas present to Robert and me (a photoflex umbrella) my subject lighting can be mastered!

2010 will be busy, it will be challenging and it will be frustrating at times. But I'm ready :)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Subway Sketches

While tidying up, I came across a little sketch book I had started in early 2008. I use to pull it out during my morning commute on the subway and sketch people around me to pass the 20 minute ride. Whenever someone would become suspicious of me doodling them, I'd pretend I was looking at something else for a bit. Some people were hit and miss, only being present for just a few stops. I find that I forget details quite quickly when my subject leaves, so I have many sketches that are incomplete. Below are some of the more complete sketches.

Finding these has me excited to try it again. I look forward to posting more in the near future!