Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February: Week 3

I started off this week pretty well, commencing my week 3 of P90x.  I successfully completed Monday's Chest & Back exercise and felt pretty good that I had managed my first full push up (not on my knees).  I felt really strong and accomplished until I woke up Tueday morning with zero energy.  I couldn't complete the Plyometrics so put the disc away hoping I could get through it on my rest day instead.  Wednesday morning was worse.  I was tired with no energy and my throat was hurting.  By 2 pm, I left work to come home to rest.  I now had a wonderful chest cold to nurse right through the weekend and Monday.

I haven't been sick in a long time and thought that I had my immune system under control with all the good food, exercise and regular vitamins.  I wear gloves on the subway and am always washing my hands after touching communal services.  I equate the illness to my work environment where we sit day in and day out breathing in the same recycled air.  Not a single window can be opened and the amount of sick people that continue to drag their ass' into work irritates me to no end.

So with being sick, I somewhat failed my Project 365.  I missed a couple of days due to sleeping the days away and little energy.  I'm still continuing, though, and made up for those missed days by taking extra photos on the days I remembered.

Photo 46/365:

Photo 47/365:

Photo 48/365:

Photo 49/365:

Photo 50/365:

Photo 51/365:

Photo 52/365:

Photo 53/365:

Monday, February 15, 2010

The dairy beverage saga continues

Walking through the grocery store yesterday, buying our usual brand of organic milk, I noticed our lovely friend "Chocolate Dairy Beverage".  I pointed it out to my husband as he hadn't actually paid witness to it, but only heard about it through my research rants.

Normally I just shudder when I see the product on the shelf and carry on with my shopping, but I never noticed the slogan on the carton until now.

Where good things never change

Where good things never change?  I found this rather perplexing and it sent me into a quiet rage.  How does a company have such a slogan when clearly the product they are selling is completely altered? 

I know some folks have received replies from "milk" companies about the change in product, but I have yet to receive one.  I'm assuming that the industry has been inundated with many complaints and questions and can't keep up with it.  My questions are lost in a sea of many. 

February: Week 2

These past few weeks seem so much longer when I post once a week here. Maybe I should post more often to make the weeks go by quicker, but then I feel like my life is rushing by too fast...conundrum!

Here are the photos for week two of February for Project 365.

Photo 39/365:


Photo 40/365:

Photo 41/365:

Photo 42/365:

Photo 43/365:

Photo 44/365:

 Photo 45/365:

Sunday, February 7, 2010

February: Week 1

I've been keeping myself so busy that I haven't had much time for my blog.  I started P90X on February 1st and it now occupies the time that I would spend here.  That and getting to bed early so I can wake up and hurl my body around for an hour before work.  P90X is TOUGH, but after one week, I've lost 2 lbs and I'm already noticing slight changes in my body besides being sore 24/7.

I've decided for the month of February that all my photos for Project 365 will be Black and White.  Here's the series for the first week this month.

Photo 32/365:

Photo 33/365:

Photo 34/365:

Photo 35/365:

Photo 36/365:

Photo 37/365:

Photo 38/365: