Wednesday, May 18, 2011


These Japanese traditional wooden dolls called Kokeshi melted my heart in every souvenir shop I visited.  I just had to adopt one and this little girl with her fancy sleeves and little red bow sold me.  She's so sweet!  I didn't pick up a lot of souvenirs for myself other than some local art from Kurashiki (yet to be framed, I'll post a photo when it's all glamored up and matted) and a couple of postcards. 

I also realize I haven't really posted about my trip other than my digestive horrors on my other blog.  I still plan to write while the memories are fresh, but I dove right into studying chemistry in preparation for school in September.  good times

Sunday, May 15, 2011

little poser

Mushi was hanging out in the bathtub tonight so I decided it was a great opportunity to grab the camera.  He's almost a big man now at 9 months, the same size as Nami who is 3 years old.  He's going to be a beast!