Thursday, October 29, 2009

Floating on an unfamiliar tide

Extracted from a Great Lake Swimmers song entitled "Three Days at Sea (Three Lost Years)", unfamiliar tide has much meaning to me. Here is a sample of the opening lyrics:

First day I was lost at sea
And I had nothing to eat
But I thought home was near
I found myself in an unfamiliar place
My first night on an unfamiliar tide

I never really cared much for lyrics until this song entered my life; it's always been about the instruments harmonizing together to create a mood (especially the more melancholy ones). It amazes me how a few minor key tones can set a wave of emotion through my body, making the hairs on my arms dance with excitement or make my eyes well up in an instant. Some music makes me want to get up and dance (in my head . . . I'm a little shy), while others I'll strum my guitar to and imagine that I am that performer (come on, we've all done it).

The first time I heard this song, I had ended a 6 year relationship and gone through a couple of rebounds. I had decided that I needed time to be single and to be on my own. Those lyrics translated to me that I was chartering new territory and that I was floating on an unfamiliar tide. I had never really been single since my first date more than a decade and a half ago when I was 15 and being on my own was all very new to me and a little scary, but very exciting! Being single was fun!

It was a wonderful experience; I learned a lot about myself and in that alone time I met the love of my life. After 3 years together, we married this May. We have a one and a half year old kitty named Nami :)

This blog is my new "unfamiliar tide".

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