Monday, October 11, 2010

It's a Boy!!

Welcome to the family, Mushi! 

Birth date: Aug 04, 2010.  9 weeks old

I decided to take the Friday of the Thanksgiving long weekend off to have some time to introduce Mushi to our resident 2 year old cat, Nami.  Mushi settled into the bedroom almost immediately when I brought him home, as any curious kitten probably would.

After a couple of days of separation and a handful of hisses and growls from Nami, she and Mushi play gently under the door.

By Sunday we decided to have them meet.  Mushi was placed in his carrier and brought out to the living room so Nami could investigate the bedroom where Mushi has been kept.  As cats rely completely on smell and are extremely territorial, the first couple of days both kitties were rubbed down with towels and exchanged several times a day.  Mushi didn't really respond much to Nami's smells, but Nami's nose worked over time as she sniffed his odor filled towels.  With the continous swapping, Nami adapted fairly quickly to his scent. 

After Nami explored the bedroom and mainly ignored the kitten in the carrier, we decided to release him to test her reaction.  There were several gentle bops on the head and a few more hisses to show Mushi her first rank in the household.   Lots of chasing back and forth through the apartment followed by crash naps for both, we continued to separate them for extended periods and repeat short meetings.  We are having much success!

I am so incredibly proud of our Nami! :) She's making the transition for Mushi an easy one. 

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