Saturday, December 4, 2010

He's 4 months old today!

He's going to be a BIG kitty.  I think the testosterone is kicking in; his neck is getting thicker and he has a much stalkier "I'm going to kick your ass" kinda stance.  Like a Bob Hoskins.

He's also developed Cat Acne on his upper lip.  At first we thought the white was changing colour and for a couple of days we made a joke that he was developing a Hitler stache.  But after closer observation, there were tiny black bumps on the skin.  My cats had this growing up, but it usually developed under their chin.  After some research, I found the cause could be plastic food and water bowls, which is what they had.  I changed their dishes to stainless steel and the acne cleared up completely. 

Mushi sporting his acne
We're a little stumped as to the cause of Mushi's.  He drinks out of a stainless steel bowl and his food plate is ceramic.  The vet said it's most likely a reaction to something in the environment.  She suggested removing the dish soap from the counter and any plastics he may be chewing on, to keep out of reach. 

Robert removed all of his plastic based toys and our kitchen counter is spotless all the time with chemicals put away; like child proofing.

It's been a week since it first appeared and it seems to be slowly clearing up.  Hopefully we've tucked away the cause and he heals to his adorable self again.

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