Monday, October 10, 2011

The Burning House Project

Last week, Robert came across this post on My Modern Met and it got the two of us thinking what we would bring in the case of a house/apartment fire.  Now, realistically, we would grab the cats and our wallets and run like mad with just the clothes on our backs. This made me realize I'd probably be in a comfy over-sized tee and shorts and Robert in his boxers and fuzzy slippers.

Here are a few of the items which speak to me most:

1. 15 x magnified mirror and tweezers.  You do not want to see my eyebrows get out of control.

2. Amadeus: Director's cut.

3. Kokeshi, our adopted doll from Miyajima, Japan

4. Chopsticks, a beautiful wedding gift from our friend Yumiko.  Also a great eating tool.

5. Sony Cybershot camera.  I would have put the Canon 7D, but I was using it for the shot.  Consider it as part of the picture.

6. Beeswax candle. 

7. Michel LeRoux art book.  My favourite Canadian artist, his paintings put me in a happy place

8. Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling.  A childhood classic.  There are so many books I would want to take with me but the illustrations in this one really bring me back.

9. Photo album

10. My grandmother's jewelry and my mom's wedding band

11. My favourite childhood photos which would obviously be included in my album.

12. Lighter, to light the beeswax candle or to pick up smoking again (joking)

13. iPod carrying ALL my music, bejeweled and mahjong.  (although not shown, earphones are a must)

14. Passport. 

15.  Package of Beef Jerky

16.  One of the first cards Robert wrote for me.  This card actually sits between the covers of the Michel LeRoux art book, a birthday gift from when we first met.  Sweetest card ever.

17. My wallet.  I'll pretend it's loaded with cash for the sake of the photo.

18. Uncooperative cats.  Nami and Mushi were too hyper during the taking of the photo.

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