Thursday, March 11, 2010

Another week down

I feel bad I don't have as much time for this as I'd like to.  I'm always making mental notes of things I'd like to discuss or express here, but I just don't have the time.  My days are pretty stacked and it's difficult to cram one more thing in.  If only I could justify blogging at work; but my stupid ethics get in the way.

This week is Recovery week in P90x.  Monday started off with Yoga which was pretty good followed by Core Synergistics From Hell.  Core Synergistics From Hell is basically what the latter describes.  I always grumbled about Plyometrics, but Core has trumped to become the fully dreaded one.  Imagine an hour of planks, and running planks, push up planks, planks on stilts . . .

This morning was Stretch X or X Stretch which I had to miss this morning because my alarm never went off.  That's not an excuse, by the way.  I woke up very confused as everything was set up correctly.  It just never went off.  So the hour long Stretch has been skipped.  I'll make sure I stretch a lot at work today.  Like a cat.  I'm sure my colleagues will be delighted.

With Recovery week ending this weekend it means I've managed the first 30 days of Tony Horton's P90X.  I started a few weeks ago with only being able to do 4 or 5 push ups on my knees and now I can do at least 2 full push ups ON MY TOES!  That's an amazing accomplishment for me as I've always had the upper body strength of a slinky.

Here are the Project 365 photos for the first week of March.  I'm back to colour again.  Exciting!

Photo 60/365:

Photo 61/365:

Photo 62/365:

Photo 63/365:

Photo 64/365:

Photo 65/365:

Photo 66/365:

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