Friday, March 5, 2010

February: Week 4

I'm posting this a little late as it is now March 5th and the title is week 4 of February.  I've recovered from that wretched cold somewhat and have most of my energy back.  I started week 3 of P90x over to make up the time I was sick.  I just finished Legs & Back an hour ago and it's been tough getting back into it.  The two weeks I lost in the program was a bit of a set back, but I'm happy to report that I'm able to get through the DVD's pretty well, except plyometrics.  I hate plyo, it makes me want to throw up every time.

My illness couldn't have come at a more perfect time, though.  I was able to enjoy the Olympics (winter is my favourite) and was very thankful that CTV was streaming it live online, as I don't have cable (and never will again).  I love the speed skating.  Their grotesquely large thighs are so fascinating to me.  How do they buy pants?

Canada kicked some serious ass this year at the Olympics and although I don't consider myself a competitive person, I took great pride in our athletes this year.  They pushed themselves hard, harder than I would ever push myself.  I stay in my pajamas for entire weekends, sometimes (okay, most of the time).  There was a togetherness in this country for those two weeks and it felt good.  My friends and colleagues in Vancouver were on a two week high and many of them shared that they hoped the positive energy that exuded during the Olympics would continue for weeks after.  I hope it does too.

Here are the photos for Project 365 for week 4 of February. 

Photo 54/365:

Photo 55/365:

Go Canada Go!
Although super pathetic to take a picture of your screen while you're watching the Olympics, I couldn't think of a better moment to capture for Project 365 than Canada defeating Russia.

Photo 56/365:

Photo 57/365:

Photo 58/365:

Photo 59/365:

I am happy that February is over.  I gave myself the challenge of making the month black and white, but I got bored really quickly, as you can see with most of the subject matter.  Looking forward to March!

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