Monday, February 15, 2010

The dairy beverage saga continues

Walking through the grocery store yesterday, buying our usual brand of organic milk, I noticed our lovely friend "Chocolate Dairy Beverage".  I pointed it out to my husband as he hadn't actually paid witness to it, but only heard about it through my research rants.

Normally I just shudder when I see the product on the shelf and carry on with my shopping, but I never noticed the slogan on the carton until now.

Where good things never change

Where good things never change?  I found this rather perplexing and it sent me into a quiet rage.  How does a company have such a slogan when clearly the product they are selling is completely altered? 

I know some folks have received replies from "milk" companies about the change in product, but I have yet to receive one.  I'm assuming that the industry has been inundated with many complaints and questions and can't keep up with it.  My questions are lost in a sea of many. 

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