Sunday, February 7, 2010

February: Week 1

I've been keeping myself so busy that I haven't had much time for my blog.  I started P90X on February 1st and it now occupies the time that I would spend here.  That and getting to bed early so I can wake up and hurl my body around for an hour before work.  P90X is TOUGH, but after one week, I've lost 2 lbs and I'm already noticing slight changes in my body besides being sore 24/7.

I've decided for the month of February that all my photos for Project 365 will be Black and White.  Here's the series for the first week this month.

Photo 32/365:

Photo 33/365:

Photo 34/365:

Photo 35/365:

Photo 36/365:

Photo 37/365:

Photo 38/365:

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