Monday, February 14, 2011

Blogging Cats and Purple Squirrels

What would it be like if a cat had a blog, you ask?  This made me laugh today:

My non-adventures

This sort of reminds of the time I made a Myspace page for a character called "The Purple Squirrel".  This rodent stemmed from a childhood inside joke that my friend Caitlin and I had from public school and the character stuck with me.  Noticing a lot of oddities and animal characters created on Myspace pages back in the day, I decided to unleash my creativity by giving the Purple Squirrel a persona.

He wrote journal entries about long lost squirrel loves and squabbles with homeless people in the park over food.  He even had a message to his 1000's of friends letting everyone know to "stay in school, bitch".  I kept the page up for a couple of years, but found the upkeep to be tiresome with the constant friend requests and questions to the Purple Squirrel.  I thought, "these people need to get a life", but here I was . . . a twenty something hiding behind a colourful squirrel.  I needed to get a life. 

After de-activating the account, I immediately regretted it.  Sure it was silly, but it made people smile.  I even caught the occasional reference from his loyal fans messaging eachother to "stay in school, bitch".  I learned a lot with that little guy.  I also developed a lot of Photoshop skills what with all the squirrels I painted purple.

I miss you Purple Squirrel . . .

"Stay in school, bitch!"

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  1. You had me at "Stay in school, bitch!"