Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cherry Blossom Super Happy Dance

I've been dreaming of going to Japan for a number of years.  I've had the opportunity to visit a few times in the past with friends always inviting me to come back with them on their way to visit their family. My issue was always that I couldn't afford it.

I've never travelled off of the North America continent (Cuba and the Dominican Republic don't count) but have enjoyed a few parts of the United States (I love Seattle) and will never go back to Mexico (I don't like being haggled).  I've also seen much of this country, Canada.  British Columbia is my favourite province, so far.  Driving through the Rockies was a breathtaking experience and a 4 hour murderous hike from hell up a glacier was totally worth it when I got to the top.  The view was incredible and it will always stay with me. Then I twisted my ankle on the way back down, which sucked balls along with a severe lobster sunburn, but I digress.

The east coast is also beautiful and I have fond memories of the pebble beaches in Nova Scotia and the winding roads of Cape Breton Island.

Folding Fan - A gift from Yumiko

Robert and I have officially booked a 3 week vacation to Japan!!  I am so excited and scared out of my freaking mind!!  We'll be flying to Osaka to stay with our friend Yumiko and her mom.  It's so incredibly kind of them to let us base ourselves there while we take day trips to Kyoto and Nara.  Robert and I will be heading off after a few days on our own to Tokyo for about a week.  I'm mostly nervous about the language barrier and getting around.  I've taught myself the Japanese characters of Hiragana and know some characters from Katakana.  I have to start working on my numbers because I can only count to ten.  I figure we'll just be playing a lot of charades.  Yumiko thinks it'll be a good experience for us and she plans on "losing us" at some point to see how we make out.  She thinks it's important to struggle in a foreign country and it will put hair on our chest or something.

I'm mostly excited for the photography opportunities.  Since we're going the first 3 weeks of April, we'll be right in the middle of Cherry Blossom (sakura) season.  I think I might die a little (in a good way) when I see the awesomeness of the blooms.  It will be weeks of Shrines, Temples, Castles, parks, incredible history and of course the food.

The weeks are going by quickly and we'll be there in no time.  I can't wait!

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  1. I am so incredibly jealous, and I'm definitely looking forward to the pictures. I'm going to have to come up with some photo challenges for the two of you to do :)