Sunday, January 17, 2010

Frozen Iguanas

Photo 9/365: My favourite highlight from Miami's Saturday morning news was a warning to locals to watch out for falling Iguana's.  Today was chilly with a high of 8 degrees Celsius.  The cooler weather had caused the Iguana's to go into hibernation and dropping from wherever they had been resting...mostly in trees.  Locals were being bombarded with the critters which I later found out are a bit of a nuisance in Florida.

We boarded the Celebrity Century Cruise ship to set sail for Grand Cayman in the hopes of reaching warmer weather soon.  As you can see by my mother's face below, it was quite cold.

Below is some of the storm we went through on our first night at sea. I loved the way the ghostly mist rolled on the surface and I tried to capture it as best I could.

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