Sunday, January 31, 2010

The weekend

Robert and I met our friend Yumiko last night for a few drinks at her office party.  Good food, a fine wine and great conversation!  I should really get out more.  I always find that I have a really good time.  It sure does beat sitting on the couch every Friday night (although I never complain about hanging out in my pajamas, because pajamas are just awesome).

Photo 29/365:

We've made it through the first month of not spending money on take out/ delivery, but did splurge a little on Saturday for Dim Sum.  We felt it was a fair reward for all our hard work this month.  Okay, we are weak, but it was totally worth it.  We've discussed it and feel that an end of month Dim Sum outing will not hurt our budget. 

I am excited to end each month with Dim Sum because it means I get to savour an amazing array of flavours that I crave on a daily basis.  Cha Liu is my weakness, my addiction.  I have a problem, but at least it's a delicious one.

Photo 30/365:

With this last photo, I've officially completed my first month of taking one photo every day.  11 more months to go.  I honestly thought I would bale out on this project, but it's proving to be doable.  Challenging, but doable.

Photo 31/365:

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