Saturday, January 2, 2010

Fish heads, yum!

I made my first fish stock yesterday.  I had a leftover snapper head and carcass that I stored in the freezer from a few weeks ago.  Threw it in a pot of water with some leftover leeks, fennel, smashed garlic cloves, a 1/4 cup of left over New Year's eve champagne and peppercorns and simmered it for 30 minutes.

At the same time I made a large batch of turkey stock (5-6 hours to simmer).  The fish stock kept giving me the willies, though, because the head kept surfacing mouth first.  I'd push it down under the fennel and leeks to hide it but it kept poking back up with it's big read lips first.  Then it would turn to the side and look at me with a solid white eye.  These things don't normally bother me, but it weirded me out a little.  Poor little snapper.

The fish stock is all stored away in the freezer in batches but I have no idea what to use it with.  Any suggestions?

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